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What are Archipelago Houses?

Why a family business?

The archipelago houses house concept brings the cleanliness, closeness to nature and healthiness of the archipelago to the home of every resident.

We build our sites from solid wood, and use ecological insulation products when needed. Every house breathes and there is no plastic in them.

Although the name Archipelago Houses refers to the archipelago, our houses are built in the center of Helsinki, Turku and other large cities equally. The name Archipelago Houses dates back to the fact that our family was born and raised in the vicinity of the archipelago. Indeed, most houses are built in cities for people who want an ecological and healthy home without compromising on quality. The solid wood clt is equivalent to a stone house but is renewable!

Archipelago Houses is a house manufacturer that builds its houses with quality and precision. Saaristotalot is part of the Finnish Kankaanpää Yhtiöt family company, and in this way you get the whole construction process, from the acquisition of the plot to the finished house from the same company. It is also possible to flexibly specify the scope of construction if the outfits themselves are skilled in their hands.

We are the most reliable CLT house supplier in Finland in 2020 and we would like to thank the whole large number of people who have bought their house from us this year!

Contact us if you want more information or send us your picture and ideas and we will design a unique home for you.

Send a message to the house engineer

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Saaristotalot talomallisto

CLT- talo huvila, mökki

Villa Adelina

1 (4) (1).jpg

Villa Adela

1_Interactive LightMix0001.jpg

Villa Madeleine

CLT-talo moderni

Villa Fiona


Villa Madeleine

1-1 (2).jpg

Villa Madeleine


Villa Madeleine

Pictures of the Archipelago Houses

Villa Eleanor

Tämä on meidän laatuleimamme.
Ota yhteyttä!
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Kiitos viestistäsi, olemme yhteydessä pian!

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